Kizomba festival.

Tie najhorúcejšie ingrediencie – ruka v ruke – s pretrvávajúcou klasikou.

Tanečné lekcie a semináre
  • pre začiatočníkov aj pokročilých
  • všetky tanečné úrovne – piatok až sobota
  • tanec v páre, vedenie, nasledovanie, technika tanca, styling
  • tanečné variácie, triky, zjednodušováky, fintičky, rytmus, muzikalita …
  • kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, kizomba fussion
  • funana, kuduro, afro house, afro rumba, tribal
  • v podaní tých najpovolanejších a najskúsenejšími umelcov a tanečných škôl zo zahraničia
  • detailný program bude dostupný v marci 2020
  • príklad rozvrhu:  https://pikante.events/plan

Bolo v pláne...

Hlas hodný slávika. Top-top-top.
Prvýkrát na festivale v Európe.
Show a koncert počas hlavnej párty.
Sobota 24. apríla 2021 – Bratislava.

Stretnite skutočnú hviezdu kizombovej hudobnej scény a
vychutnajte jedinečnosť tanca pod pódiom a OSOBNE.




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Artisti (predbežné info)

spoznajte našich tanečných a hudobných expertov, inštruktorov a dj-ov


Angola / Portugal


Angola / SVK


    Guine-Bissau / Romania




    G.Bissau / ESP




    Congo / UK




    Mozambique / UK


    Angola / UK




    Zľavnené vstupy v predaji do ??.??.????
    Passy nie sú refundovateľné. Zmena držiteľa: poplatok ??€

    • workshop v piatok
    • otváracia párty v piatok
    • social v sobotu
    • hlavná párty v sobotu
    • koncert v sobotu
    • social v nedeľu
    • after party v nedeľu
    • workshop-y v sobotu
    • workshop-y v nedeľu
    • workshop v piatok
    • otváracia párty v piatok
    • workshop-y v sobotu
    • social v sobotu
    • hlavná párty v sobotu
    • koncert v sobotu
    • workshop-y v nedeľu
    • social v nedeľu
    • after party v nedeľu
    • workshop-y v sobotu
    • social v sobotu
    • hlavná párty v sobotu
    • koncert v sobotu
    • workshop v piatok
    • otváracia párty v piatok
    • workshop-y v nedeľu
    • social v nedeľu
    • after party v nedeľu
    • 2x začiatočnícky workshop v sobotu
    • social v sobotu
    • hlavná párty v sobotu
    • koncert v sobotu
    • 2x začiatočnícky workshop
    • social v nedeľu
    • workshop v piatok
    • otváracia párty v piatok
    • pokročilejšie workshopy v sobotu
    • pokročilejšie workshop-y v nedeľu
    • social v nedeľu
    • after party v nedeľu

    Skupinová zľava pre Full pass: 10x FP – cena ??€. Do ??.??. ????.
    Kontaktujte svojho promotéra alebo pikante.events@gmail.com


    •  La Bomba Club
    •  Prievozská 18, Bratislava
    •  pikante.events@gmail.com
    •  +421 2 4488 9988
    •  10:00 - 17:00


    Naši hostia napísali. Ďakujeme za spätnú väzbu!

    I normally don’t write an review for any festival but this time, this time I have to. Yeah this time I really need to express my gratitude. It was awesome. Sometime I ask myself why I book a flight to go 100s kilometres far was if I can just drive that hour to la fiesta.
    Such a great atmosphere …this living room atmosphere during the day. The great relaxed nights full of happy ppl.
    Yeah! Those „small“ festival are what It’s about. Just pure afro music, cozy, genial ppl, social dances what you can really call social dance. Ppl chatting, drinking, laughing and dancing in every corners.
    Its amazing to be surrounded by ppl who love this music, culture and dance. Such a great mix of ppl.
    A big big thank to Mara Lukama, DJ-Muxima Slovakia and there great team & bar crew for this awesome festival.
    To all instructors and dj, you are the best … you worked overtime and and keep us non-stop entertained. Count me in for 2017.
    The spontaneous free beer really knocked me out of my boots. DJ-Muxima Slovakia you a great host. Can’t wait to be back to Bratislava and La Fiesta
    So I’ll try to get some sleep now 😀
    This happy we all were, day&night in Bratislava. I am so happy I’d been convinced by great friends to come ??
    Smooth parties, music was 98% my taste – remaining 2% would have been Kilamba played in every 2hours roughly but I do forgive.
    This embracing atmosphere attracts the right people and keeps me close to a festival too.
    Thank you.
    Thank you Pikante! for providing me with another magical birthday celebration platform. Pikante was hot. Pikante is hot. Pikante will stay hotter…..This is what I call a family gathering
    Blaise MwamiUK
    My vocabulary runs short when i am looking for words to describe Pikante’s last weekend. I could use the words Fun & Excitement but because of the magnitude of the experience these words are too small.. Let’s just say it was an amazing experience to be around with Fun Masters, behind the decks, on and off the dance floor, people that show how to life to the max. I am honored to have been part of it. Still in Recovery Modus <3.
    Deej LindtNetherlands
    Thank you very much PIKANTE for the super workshops,
    parties, artists, concert and energy 🙂
    Awesome music … Great people … Nice atmosphere!!
    See you on 2017!
    Jose GarciaPeru
    Ohh my god i cant believe its over!! I cant sleep i am still on fire!! This weekend was full of love fun and great energy! Thank you all! ❤❤?
    Zaklina ShortyAustria
    Back Home to take a rest after 4 days of big parties and two nights and during day of leve music and animation full of energy, great workshops, amazing people wonderful job from part of organization good job came from Djs 99,9% of parties was Kizomba. I could even learn Zouk. Thank you to all students could make this festival unbelievable. Pikante is a festival where you sould be next year.
    Jacinto TecaAngola
    What a great Festival Weekend :). I would like to thank the Organisation Team you did a good JOB and of course thanks to all the DJs, they gave us the mix of music until the morning hours. Thank you Pikante ….
    Dieter TichyAustria
    Thank you so much Picante Organiser Team for the oportunity for me to play again in Bratislava. It is always an appreciation take part of such a good festival. I hope everybody enjoyed the parties and the workshops as well.
    See you next time! 😉
    Jeszenszky AttilaHungary
    Big respect for Pikante team… Im still dancing on my mind and sure next three days I will… so much great dancers and awesome people was there… so more positive energy …Im still feeling it and Im falling in Tarraxa 🙂 Im looking forward to you all next time…
    Daniela BordovskáCzech Republic
    Wooooow! What a great weekend. I had so much fun at all the parties but definitely need to catch up on sleep. Thanks to all the guys and teachers who shared passion and joy and many many dances with me. See you soon Bratislava and stay PIKANTE xxx
    Maria KlampfererCzech Republic
    Amazing people,amazing weekend thanks you guys for coming and be there,feeling very happy weekend full of dance,see you in Pikante !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Martina LolilikeAustria
    The reason why I love to be a Kizomba teacher. Very good energy in Bratislava as always. Pikante it just amazing. Thank you 🙂
    Aimé BeurtLuxembourg
    Dear Dusan Krissak & Mara Lukama and all La Fiesta team, Neuza Monteiro Mika Mendes DjWaldo Waldo Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora Josipa Markic, Rita Szabó & Kizomba Club Hungary team Lucie Ženatá,my manager, Jacinto Teca Mahula, Ennuel Iverson & Hakima Kim My daddy Nifeco Costa THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROFESSIONALISM AND CHARISMA, PURE LOVE AND ENERGY, WHAT ELSE I CAN SAY… I REALLY ENJOYED BRATISLAVA THIS TIME FOR REAL, I WOULD SAY MY BEST EVER MOMENTS SHARED WITH SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE – ONE WORD – AMAZING!! …
    Vitor Tavares MendesPortugal
    … What should I say … Pikante I miss you too :)) Really amazing place with so many good dancers :D, great atmosphere … and not only at the dance floor 😉 Already planning Toma Toma 🙂 Special thanks to Jogaile, Wolfgang, Jacqueline and Alexandre who made my weekend outside the festival just as amazing as the festival itself.
    Andreas KristjanAustria
    Pikante, I miss you!!! This festival was amazing: good dancers, good atmosphere, very friendly, good music and great concerts. I had a lot of fun on the dancefloor and outside!!! Thank you to all and see you soon!!!
    Alexandre LefebvreFrance
    Pikanteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! sooo sad its finished but allready im looking forward to next edition 2015 i have to say, this was one of the best festivals i have been lately, i love this crazy atmosphere!!! amazing LIVE concerts from biggest stars in kizomba, Mika & Neuza and not to forget mr. Nifeco Costa his live concerst during the day were just pure fun, amazing DJ & teachers, lovley venue!!! BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to Dusan Krissak, Mara Lukama, La Fiesta & whole their team, i feel very blessed to know them and i am very happy they have invited me to be part of it!!!! Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora – im soo happy to meet u guys, lovee the energy you both have and i hope we see us soooon Jacinto Teca cuttest guy ever!!!! Álvaro Gustavo my big and soft teddy bear hahahhaha Veronika Cambalova MirKizomba Vydrnakova my ex husband Blaise Mwami i love u guys… all the others participants, photographers, dancers i hope to see you all soon, hope u had fun and dont forget to book your weekend for next year and all of you who were not here!!!! well just be sure not to miss it next year, u all need this kind of pikante festival in your life… videos coming soon hehehhehe
    JoSi MwamikazeCroatia
    PIKANTE!………..one of the best ever.
    Daniela BelicováSlovakia
    I knew it would be special, but finally Pikante was far much better than I expected. It was just perfect, I dont even know what to coplain about… maybe it deserves more space OR some particular dancers to be more careful and polite on the dancefloor…
    Anyway, in the name of my tradition and speaking for the whole Kosice group, I would like to thank you guys for the great organization, lessons and performances, we all have enjoyed it… I personally want to thank also that you have made my dream event combination, which is afro-brazil culture as I really love both kizomba and brazilian zouk dances and don’t want to decide between them. It was great to see again Paulo Cruz and his charming partner Lanna, Lucia Kubasova Jakub Jakoubek and Ronaldo Zouk-Budapest as well as all my friends and even new friends and friends‘ friends and friends‘ friends‘ friends 😀 Big kiz-zouk hug!
    Anna SlovakiaSlovakia
    Big big THANK YOU to all for such amazing parties, the right energy, so much fun, so good atmosphere …I enjoyed so much, still smiling and feel all those beautiful dances 🙂 :-*
    Zuzka Kizomba'LoveSlovakia
    Pikante was AMAZING!!! 😉 A lot of good energy, a lot of fun, great concerts and shows… What a weekend! As always, there are a lot of people to thank to, so i will cut it short! Singers, Teachers, DJs and performers were all amazing, with special call out for Dj DjWaldo, Neuza and Mika Mendes!!! Special call out for the awesome Josipa, Tarraxinha Queen and best host ever! And thank you to Dusan for making this happen!
    As always, special thank you to all the ladies that granted me the pleasure of dancing with them! 😉
    Only bad thing about this weekend was that it should have been longer! 😀
    Álvaro GustavoPortugal
    So far Paris was my biggest festival, so far Pikante was my best festival:) Mika Mendes, Neuzaaa and DJ Waldo WOW. Great weekend:)
    Bruce PsocialKizombaland
    Unfortunately i can not attend to the sunday Party, but i can say, it was an amazing Weekend. Thanks for the great Worshops, amazing live Concerts and to the DJs, they gave us the mix of music untill the morning hours. Congratulation to the organization Team for this great event.
    Dieter TichyAustria
    Thanks for amazing festival full of energy and fantastic people 🙂
    Margaréta Tatarková Slovakia
    And like every time I’m in la fiesta I’m back to my kizomba-home. Thank you La fiesta team, the artist and the dj’s. It was awesome. I really love love love it to be with you. The atmosphere in la fiesta is unique. Although its getting more and more difficult you still manage to get the right ppl together.
    And thank you Mara Kizomba Lukama & Dusan Krissak for doing this out of love and passion. A real kizomba festival like this is a tight venture but you managed it once again.
    Now I’m looking forward for the famous picante V!
    Joseph WagnerAustria
    Great parties and high quality workshops. It is always a pleasure to come to La Fiesta!
    Dieter SeppAustria

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